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  • Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved insulating glass units with screen printing by WENNA

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WENNA | curved glass for façades & interior design


Our true passion is glass and our renowned expertise is the development and fabrication of curved glass solutions. As a leading supplier in this field we offer a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of customized curved glass products for architecture, interior design and furniture, from simple panes to complex designs, single units as well as large numbers. Maximum size is 2,4m x 3,6m for the tempered, heat-strengthened, laminated, (screen-)printed, coated, double-glazed or triple-glazed curved glass.

Our product range of curved safety glass products includes:

Curved safety glass allows new designs with function and benefits

Over the past 30 years glass hast completely overturned its traditional utilitarian function to transform itself into the most versatile and adaptable construction material in modern architecture. Transparency is the ubiquitous Zeitgeist determining modern urbanism. In the continuous search for new and distinguished designs in structural glazing and interior design the curvature has become a strong trend in the evolution of our cities and living space. Many contemporary buildings incorporate a vivid combination of straight and curved lines. Bent glass facades, windows, railings, doors and walls, just to name a few, have become very popular stylistic elements. It is the unique expertise of WENNA to develop and manufacture innovative curved glass products necessary to implement these new and fascinating forms and applications for architecture and interior design, while meeting the high functional standards of modern glazing.