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  • Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved insulating glass units with screen printing by WENNA

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Curved glass in action

In many cases modern glazing requires the use of toughened glass for safety reasons or to provide resistance against thermal and mechanical stresses. CONTOUR curved glass products (single-pane safety glass, laminated glass, insulated glass units) are the perfect fit, they can be used for many types of external and internal applications, such as the following: 

  • Facades and overhead glazing
  • claddings and spandrel panels
  • balustrades and railing
  • glass domes and skywalks
  • panoramic elevators
  • external shop windows
  • lobbies & commercial entrances
  • revolving door systems and
  • winter gardens
Interior design
  • glass assemblies
  • glass walls
  • glass doors
  • raillings and stair cases
  • interior claddings
  • interior fittings
  • shop and museum fittings
  • shower doors
  • shower cubicals
  • lighting and art
Furniture & more
  • glass furniture and vitrines
  • furniture components
  • urban furniture
  • display cases for food and catering
  • display cases for refrigeration units
  • photovoltaic appliances
Yachts & cruise boats
  • interior elements, finishings and furniture for yachts and cruise boats