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  • Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved insulating glass units with screen printing by WENNA

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a world of new design options

WENNA GLAS manufatcures and sells a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of curved glass products for architecture, interior design and furniture, named CONTOUR. All our CONTOUR products are based on high quality curved single-pane safety glass SECURIT CONTOUR (tempered or heat-strengthened). It can be manufactured in cylindrical radii (min. 500 mm) with CNC accurate cutouts, in large dimensions and in many different shapes. The maximum size is 2440 x 3600 mm. It can also be laminated or assembled into double-glazed or triple-glazed insulating glass units, depending on the requirements of the individual applications. The products are fabricated in single units as well as in large numbers. Flat safety glass complements our versatile product range and allows us to supply entire projects. For additional security both flat and bent tempered glass can be put through a heat-soak-test to reduce the risk of spontaneous breaking.

The CONTOUR product family offers curved glass solutions at its best.

• SECURIT CONTOUR curved toughened safety glass
• SECURIT-H CONTOUR curved toughened safety glass with heat-soak test read more >>
• STADIP CONTOUR          curved laminated safety glass
• CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR   curved double-glazed insulating glass units read more >>
• CLIMATOP CONTOUR     curved triple-glazed insulating glass units read more >>