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Heat-soak-tested tempered and curved safety glass


SECURIT-H CONTOUR is a curved and thermally toughened single-pane safety glass, which has undergone an additional heat-soak test. It provides the mechanical characteristics of SECURIT-H (heat-soak-tested monolithic safety glass ), however currently no European standards apply for curved tempered and heat-soak-tested safety glass. The goal of the destructive test is to minimize the risk of spontaneous breaking of the previously toughened glass.

PLEASE NOTE: Heat-soak testing does not alter the quality or performance of the safety glass. For further information also see the product features of SECURIT CONTOUR safety glass! more >>


In addition to the product features of normal SECURIT CONTOUR, SECURIT-H CONTOUR offers particular application safety and should therefore be used in all situations where the stability of the glass structure is of utmost importance for the safety of the user. Such applications are, for example, facade glazing or overhead glazing or glass balustrades and railings.


Heat-soaking is a practical test method for sorting out the majority of glass panes with the potential for spontaneous breakage due to the presence of critical nickel sulphide (NiS) inclusions. The process heats the fully tempered safety glass, under controlled conditions, up to 290 °C and keeps it at this temperature for at least four hours. As a consequence an expansion of the potential NiS inclusions is caused, leading to a desired breakage of the pane.


SECURIT-H provides a legal check marking for heat-soaked fully tempered safety glass. To prove the execution of the heat-soak test, an invisible marker is applied. The marker is a patented, thermocromic and  UV active ink which enables the unambiguous, forgery-proof and long-term verification of the successful heat-soak test, even after a spontenious breaking.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite the heat-soak test remains a minimum risk of spontaneous breakage, which cannot be excluded at the current state of technology.

Standards and regulations


SECURIT-H CONTOUR curved and fully tempered glass sheets with heat-soak test are non-standardized products but are produced based on the relevant European standard for flat glass (EN 14179). They provide the mechanical characteristics of flat fully tempered single-pane safety glass with heat-soak test (SECURIT-H), however, there are no legal claims that they comply with the relevant standard for flat glass.


Installation guidlines

SECURIT safety glass must always be installed in accordance with current national standards and regulations.


Exclusion of liability

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to consider all national standards, regulations and directives before ordering. Subsequent cancellations, changes, complaints and claims cannot be accepted under any circumstances!