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    Curved glass by WENNA

    Curved insulating glass units with screen printing by WENNA

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doubled-glazed and Curved insulating glass units


CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR is a range of curved double-glazed sealed glass units, which incorporate enhanced thermally insulating glass to provide state of the art Ug-values as low as 1.0 W/m2. CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR curved double-glazing provides effective heat insulation by reflecting a larger proportion of heat energy back into the building, which helps to reduce expenditure on and wastage of energy. The temperature of the inner glass pane is closer to the room temperature, which almost eliminates the formation of condensation, draughts and cold zones around areas of glazing. The CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR curved double-glazed units are designed to bring greater comfort and energy efficiency to commercial and residential building alike. Significantly lower energy consumption not only helps to save costs but also to protect the environment. Thermal insulation is the basic function of all insulating glass units which may be supplemented by other functions, such as solar and noise control.


The performance and appearance of CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR double-glazed units can be modified by incorporating different glass types, different glass thicknesses and by altering the width and filling of the cavity space. The units can comprise different glass types to combine thermal insulation with solar control, safety, security, acoustic insulation, vision control and decoration. CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR is the perfect solution for adding new curved designs to  facades, roofs, shop windows and much more, as it can be used in many different configurations for a large variety of applications providing  outstanding features such as the following:

  • enhanced thermal insulation (as low as 1.0 W/sqm),
  • advanced solar control,
  • improved level of comfort,
  • lower energy costs for heating and cooling,
  • protection of natural ressources and the environment.

CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR curved double-glazing units consist of 2 panes of SECURIT CONTOUR and / or STADIP CONTOUR and are manufactured similar to conventional flat CLIMAPLUS units. At least one of the two panes is an thermally insulating and / or low-emissivity glass. The two component panes of glass are cut to size, processed as required, curved and tempered, laminated if necessary, thoroughly cleansed and assembled vertically on either side of a bent frame or flexible spacer bar. The cavity is filled with an inert gas and hermetically sealed around the perimeter to further improve the insulation value and provide the durability of the unit.


To assure the highest quality possible, CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR curved double glazed units and its components are subject to continuous process monitoring and quality control. Special care in handling and processing the insulating and low-emissivity coated glasses is taken to ensure their optimum appearance and performance in service.

Types of glass

A great variety of glass types can be used for the configuration of a CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR unit, depending on the required application. All individual glass sheets of which the unit consists are :

  • heat-strengthened and / or
  • fully tempered and / or
  • laminated.


Glass types available for use in curved double-glazed units: 

  • thermal insulation (low-emissivity) glass,
  • solar control glass (soft coating and hard coating),
  • float glass,
  • etched glass,
  • low-iron glass,
  • tinted glass,
  • patterned glass,
  • screen printed glass,
  • enamelled glass.

PLEASE NOT: Other glass types are available on request. Restrictions apply. Contact us regarding the technical feasibility of the required glass.

Dimensions and radii

The maximum size of laminated glass depends on the type of glass, the number of glass sheets and the number of interlayers used. STADIP consiting of two or more panes of fully tempered or heat-strengthened glass is available in following dimensions:


Dimensions for a minimum radius of 500 mm

  • Thickness:  4-12 mm
  • Maximum size:  1300 x 2400 mm
  • Minimum size:  400 x 400 mm
  • Aspect ratio:  1:20


Dimensions for a minimum radius of 1000 mm

  •  Thickness:  6 -19 mm
  • Maximum size:  2440 x 3600 mm
  • Minimum size:  500 x 500 mm
  • Aspect ratio:  1:20

Other dimensions are available on request. Contact us for further information and regarding the technical feasibility of the required application.


Heat treatment

Each individual glass sheet of CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR curved insulating glass is heat-strengthened or fully toughened. The heat treatment must be performed before assembly.


Edge working

Edge worked before assembly, as each unit comprises toughened and / or heat-strengthened components. The following standard edgework can be performed:

  • arrissed edges
  • ground edges
  • polished edges

If not ordered differently, rectangular units of CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR, comprising fully tempered or heat strengthened glass, are manufactured with arrissed edges.



CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR can be drilled and notched. The individual components have to be processed prior to assembling. Restrictions for the positioning and the dimensions of holes and cut-outs apply. Details on request.


PLEASE NOTE: Certain treatments may alter the mechanical properties of the product and modify its classification. Detailed information is available on request.

Standards and regulations

Installation guidelines

SECURIT safety glass must always be installed in accordance with current national standards and regulations.


Exclusion of liability

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to consider all applicable national and international standards, regulations and directives before ordering. Subsequent cancellations, changes, complaints and claims cannot be accepted under any circumstances!