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tempered curved safety glass


SECURIT CONTOUR is a curved thermally toughened single-pane safety glass. It provides the mechanical characteristics of SECURIT flat fully tempered safety glass, however currently no European standards apply. The toughening process provides a significantly increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses than conventional annealed curved glass. It has a high impact resistance and torsion stiffness as well as high resistance to rapid temperature changes. In case the saftey glass still breaks, it fragments safely into small pieces with dulled edges which pose  much less risk of injury to the user compared to the bigger and sharp edged shards of normal glass.


SECURIT CONTOUR glass creates harmonious space structuring for interior design purposes. In outside areas, the curve of the glass means that adventurous outlines become possible, such as the angles of façades, roofing, doors and display windows.


In technical terms curved tempered safety glass provides, amongstothers, the following product advantages:

  • enhanced impact resistance compared to annealed curved glass.
  • higher resistant to flexural stresses than conventional curved glass.
  • increased resistance to large temperature variations. This improved product quality renders it ideally suited for the use in applications and in areas subject to high levels of thermal stress.
  • a spectrophotometric performance which is in most cases identical to flat float glass of the same composition and thickness.

SECURIT CONTOUR is produced in a complex and oustanding process using a unique gravity bending method. Cut-to-size, drilled and edge-worked flat glass sheets are heated in a special tempering furnace to about 700°C and shaped after exiting the heating zone. They are then cooled rapidly by cold air blown onto the bent glass. This results in the two outer surfaces contracting and solidifying before the interior, which induces permanent compressive stresses into the surfaces of the glass, effectively increasing the strength of the glass and keeping it in the new shape. The interior of the glass naturally balances the compressive stress surface layers by being under tensile stress. These properties result in the increased strength and safe breakage characteristics of thermally toughened glass. When the central tensile section of the glass is ruptured, the stress is explosively released, producing the fracture characteristics of small, relatively harmless fragments.


To assure the highest quality possible, SECURIT CONTOUR curved single-pane safety glass is subject to continuous process monitoring and quality control. However, the toughening and bending process of SECURIT CONTOUR can introduce a degree of optical imperfection into the glass in the form of Anisotropies  and bow or roller wave distortions. These are due to physical restrictions and / or are inherent to the manufacturing principle and cannot be considered as a defect.

Types of glass

If no other information is given as to the type of glass used for producing SECURIT CONTOUR, the base product is assumed to be clear float glass. Additionally, many other glass products can be curved and tempered. Available in a toughened version: 

  • float glass
  • etched glass
  • low-iron glass
  • tinted glass
  • anti-reflection glass
  • cast glass
  • mirrowed glass
  • screen printed glass
  • enamelled glass
  • thermal insulation glass and
  • solar control glass (soft coating and hard coating).

 Other glass types are available on request.


SECURIT CONTOUR fully tempered glass is available in following dimensions:


Dimensions for a minimum radius of 500 mm

  • Thickness:  4-12 mm
  • Maximum size:  1300 x 2400 mm
  • Minimum size:  400 x 400 mm
  • Aspect ratio:  1:20


Dimensions for a minimum radius of 1000 mm

  • Thickness:  6 -19 mm
  • Maximum size:  2440 x 3600   mm
  • Minimum size:  500 x 500 mm
  • Aspect ratio:  1:20

Other dimensions are available on request. Restrictions apply.


Technical restrictions require that all finishes to the glass are carried out prior to the thermal tempering and bending. Subsequent treatments to the glass such as cutting, grinding, drilling etc. result in breakage or at least in a reduction of the material characteristics of the glass!


Edge working

The following standard edgework can be performed:

  • arrised edges
  • ground edges
  • polished edges

If not ordered differently, rectangular sheets of SECURIT CONTOUR are manufactured with arrissed edges. Drilled holes have a ground edge finish as standard. Larger apertures can be smoothed or polished. Other edge working is available on request.



Up to 12 mm Glass thickness the hole diameter must not be less than the glass thickness.

For glass thickness 15 and 19 mm the hole diameter must be 18 resp. 25 mm.

Restrictions for the positioning of holes apply.


Surface finishing


  • screen printed (only before curving, restrictions apply)
  • enamelled (only before curving, restrictions apply)
  • sandblasted (only before curving, restrictions apply)
  • nano-coated (restrictions apply).


Additional processing capabilities


  • laminated (see also STADIP CONTOUR)
  • assembled into double-glazed insulating glass units (see CLIMAPLUS CONTOUR)
  • assembled into triple-glazed insulating glass units (see CLIMATOP CONTOUR).

Other finishings are available on request. Restrictions apply.

Standards and regulations


SECURIT CONTOUR curved and fully tempered glass sheets are non-standardized products but are produced based on the relevant European standards for flat glass (EN 12150). They provide the mechanical characteristics of flat fully tempered single-pane safety glass (SECURIT), however, there are no legal claims that they comply with the relevant standard for flat glass.


Glass marking

Based on EN 12150 all SECURIT safety glass bears a permanent marking indicating the name of the product, the processing site and the relative EN standard.

PLEASE NOTE: Deviating markings must be specified before ordering!


CE marking

All SECURIT CONTOUR curved safety glass carries the relevant CE marking based on the relevant standard.


Installation guidelines

SECURIT safety glass must always be installed in accordance with current national standards and regulations.


Exclusion of liability

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to consider all applicable national and international standards, regulations and directives before ordering. Subsequent cancellations, changes, complaints and claims cannot be accepted under any circumstances!